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Use the Internet at high speed and save packages on the tariff with unlimited Beeline Wi-Fi
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Beeline Wi-Fi



Perform tasks and prepare for exams and modules.


Write in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, VK, OK and upload photos on Instagram.


Share files, download movies / TV shows, listen to music.

Terms of connection

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How to connect unlimited Wi-Fi?

Be a customer of Beeline
Connect any tariff
Without any payments

How to get 1 hour access to Beeline Wi-Fi?

Be a customer of Beeline
Pay for your tariff
Connect to Beeline wi-fi
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How to get 30 minutes?

Be a customer of Megacom or O!
Connect to the Beeline Wi-Fi network

Still using Wi-Fi only 30 minutes a day?
Order a Beeline SIM Card for free !

Where can I connect

Asia Mall
- Bishkek, Ch. Aytmatov Ave., 3.
- Bishkek, Gorkiy Str., 1 G,
Nurzaman Plaza
- Osh, A. Shakirova Str., 275/1 - Illusion
- main building - Frunze Str, 547
- 2 building - Kiev Str, 132
- 3 building - Turusbekov Str, 116
- 4,5 buildings- Manas Str, 66
- 6 building - Abdymomunov Str, 238
- 6 А building - Kalyk Akiev Str, 85
- 7 building - Turusbekov Str, 109
- 8 building - Zhibek Zholu Str, 39
- main building - Mir Ave., 27
- faculty of Economics- md. 7
- college- Karasaev Str, 1
- sports complex - Aini Str, 31
- student residence- Zhukeev-Pudovkin Str, 34B
- buildings №1, 2, 3, 4, 5
- polytechnic college at KGTU- Mir Ave, 66
- main building № 1 - Maldybaeva Str, 34b
- buildings 2, 3 - Timiryazev Str, 74
KSU named after I. Arabaev
- blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Razzakov Str, 51А
- block - Kamskaya Str, 10
- college - Chaldovarskaya Str, 92 А
- student residence - 7 md., 56
MUK, Bishkek
- western campus, Humanitarian Law and Technical Colleges - 255, Chui Avenue / Turusbekova
- central building - L.Tolstoy Str, 17a
- eastern building - April 7 Str, 4a
- main building - st. Togolok Moldo, 58
- lyceum - 6 md., 23/1
- college - Zhibek Jolu / Manas ave., 113
- main building - blvd. Young Guard, 55
BFET named after A. Toktonaliev
- main building - pr. Chui, 269
- main building - st. Akhunbaeva, 92
- Institute of Dentistry - st. Suerkulova, 91
- medical center - st. Tynystanov, 1
- Blocks A, B, C, D - st. Ankara, 1/8
Academy of Tourism
- main building - pr. Chui, 99
KNAU named K.I. Scriabin
- faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology, faculty of Land Reclamation, Ecology and Land Management, faculty of Engineering and Technology - ul. Mederova, 68
- faculty of Economics and Information Systems - st. Aktobe, 34
BADK named K. Kolbaeva
- building 1 pr. Mira, 52
- building 2 pr. Mira, 52
IGDiGT named after academician U. Asanaliev
- pr. Chui, 215
- main building - Lenin 331
- faculty of Medicine - Highway 215, Highway 215/1, Highway 215/1, Highway 215/1
- medical . College - Isanova 77, 2 Corps Isanova 75/2
- faculty of Business and Management - Masalieva 80
- faculty of Dentistry - Masalieva 80/1
- faculty of world languages ​​and cultures - Kurmanzhan-Datka 250
- faculty of Law - Razzakova 21Г
- faculty of Art and Faculty of International Relations - Masalieva 35
MUK Jalal-Abad
- st. B. Osmonova b / n
- Medical College, st. Factory b / n
- Jalal-Abad College, st. Toktogula 16
- Faculty of Philology ul. Toktogula 24, 3-building
- Faculty of Pedagogy and Information Technologies, ul. Lenina 57
- Faculty of Science and Technology (ATF), ul. Manasa 60, ATF building
- student residence, md. Sputnik, st. Zhenzhok 30
- st. Zhenizhok b/n

Frequently asked Questions

How can I connect to your network?
Turn on Wi-Fi → Beeline Wi-Fi network
1. For iPhone: you must wait until the login window opens (up to 10 seconds).
2. For Android: a “Login to Wi-Fi network” notification will appear on the screen, after clicking, an authorization window will open.
Where does Beeline Wi-Fi work?
A complete list of locations can be found in the "Locations" section.
Why is there no Beeline Wi-Fi in my university?
We plan to cover all universities in the country with a Wi-Fi network. Perhaps in the near future our product will appear in your university.
Why is your speed low?
In the hours of the greatest load on the network may reduce the speed of Wi-Fi. But if your university constantly has a low speed, please inform us by the number: 0771055155 (WhatsApp, Telegram, call).
Why it is impossible to share your Wi-FI through the phone?
The phone itself does not have the ability to simultaneously be connected to a Wi-Fi network and distribute Wi-Fi.
Why don't you connect Wi-Fi for apartments and houses?
At the moment, our goal is to cover all the country's universities, as well as popular places of leisure - cafes, restaurants and shopping centers, with the Beeline Wi-Fi network.
Why doesn't your Wi-Fi work?
There may be several reasons:
1. No electricity.
2. Failure of equipment.
In case of problems, please contact the number: 0771055155 (Whatsapp, Telegram)
Why do I need to pay for the tariff?
This is one of the main conditions for providing unlimited access. We want the Client, when paying for the tariff, to be always sure that he will not be left without communication and will always be online.
How to connect a laptop to your network?
Connect to the Beeline network Wi-Fi → Wait for network settings (up to 15 seconds) → Open any site (or type free-wifi.beeline.kg:90 in the address bar) → Authorization.
Why if I paid for the Wi-Fi tariff does not work?
You need to enter your number on the login page.
Why do I only get 1 hour, even if I have a Beeline number?
You need to go to any tariff with a weekly or monthly fee.
Why don't you give unlimited wi-fi to other operators?
Unlimited is available only to Beeline numbers with a tariff that has a weekly or monthly fee. If you want to use unlimited internet, you can order a Beeline SIM card on our website.
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